The Upcycle Jewellery Company is based at Ponteland in Newcastle Upon Tyne. We Make Champagne bottle candles made from upcycled Champagne bottles cut in half and filled with natural scented soy wax! These champagne bottles candles make fabulous gifts or wedding favours. All our pieces have been fashionably upcycled to look fabulous when worn by you and are a real conversation piece. we also take custom orders so if you can’t see what you want, we can work with you and do a commision piece. The Upcycle Jewellery Company is not affiliated with any company whose label adorns out products. No relationship or endorsement is implied

We make rings from upcycled silver tea spoons .The history behind spoon rings goes back to the 1700′s,when a proposal was made and money was short, servants would steal a silver spoon from their masters and make a ring for his beloved. A lovely tradition that has been revived and is gaining in popularity

We hand-hammer amazing rings from vintage keys. Each one is absolutely unique, both as a key and a ring. No one will ever have a piece of jewellrey just like yours! Some of these keys are very old, and they all have their own story to tell that make them special and incredibly unique. Every ring has its own style – its own beautiful time-worn character. All of our rings are made from genuine keys, polished,! This also prevents the oxides in the metal reacting and then staining your skin that can happen with some non precious metals.

Our brooches are are all crafted from upcyled high jewell wristwatch movements that look fantastic when worn.

Please feel free to contact us either by telephone: 07584047318, by email: theupcyclejewelleryco@gmail.com or via our social media pages: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theupcyclejewelleryco Twitter @junk2funkco