How i got into Upcycling


5 years ago my wife returned from a fashion show in London and someone had been wearing a ring  that was made from a key. When she returned she asked me if I would get her something similar. I tried and tried to get one but to no avail.

Next I thought I would make one , after all how hard could it be to bend a key? It turned out it was very hard. Eventually I managed to heat one enough to bend it but not after I burnt a hole in the kitchen laminate floor. I managed to get it polished and it looked great. My wife decided to stop wearing it after her finger turned green. Not to be deterred I overcame that with electro static coating and lacquering.

After that success one of my wife’s friends wanted a ring then another. Somebody mentioned that I should try this trick they had seen on YouTube where you cut a bottle in half. The theory is you dip a piece of string in a flammable liquid then wrap it around a bottle. You then light it and after a while submerge the bottle in ice cold water and the bottle breaks in two.

To anyone who has tried this I had exactly the same results that you have probably had and luckily I managed to keep my fingers. I tried and tried and  it didn’t work. I bought various gismos for scoring a bottle then submerging it into ice cold water after running it under a hot tap. The odd one did work but then you have the issue of sanding the rough edges off, it’s a nightmare.  After months I discovered another way but that’s my secret at the moment.

If you’re going to succeed at upcycling you need patience and perseverance, you will hit many hurdles but eventually you will get over them. If not you will make them into something else!!

Now I make all the above plus silver spoon rings and silver fork bangles. I also enjoy making champagne bottle lamps. You can find my products on

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