Kracken Rum Bottle Candle


Rum Bottle Candle

Upcycled Kracken rum botttle that has been exquisitely handcrafted into a stunning handmade Candle. This is the perfect gift for any rum/candle lover! The candle is scented with pomegranate. It makes a fabulous gift. They have a wooden wick which gives maximum scent throw. Each candle has the maximum fragrance permitted before affects the burn of the wax. If you are interested in a custom order, please message me before purchasing and I can give you some options! * Each candle is filled with clean even burning all-natural soy wax, * Each candle has an approximate burn time of 100+hours.Each recycled bottle is cut, polished, sanded and hand poured Each candle is unique – no two are the same. Because the cut bottle tops are hand polished and sanded, they are not perfectly formed but they are smooth to the touch. They can be reused time after time. If you have another brand you would like please message as we do have other bottles available  Disclaimer The Upcycle Jewellery Company is not affiliated with any company whose label adorns out products. No relationship or endorsement is implied


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